Driftwood Fence - proposal for Sculpture by the Sea 2013

Written in cooperation with Maurice Meewisse

Every piece of driftwood contains mysteries. What is its origin? Why was it set adrift? How far has it travelled, and how many furious storms has it endured? The beach is a temporary home of the driftwood. Here it rests until the next storm carries it out to sea once again. Driftwood is not only part of the forest, but also part of the world's rivers and oceans. It connects land with sea and unites different coasts. In my work I want to help the driftwood travel across the country.

My plan is to harvest pieces of natural driftwood from the beach of the west coast of Denmark and process it into construction timber, so it can be used as building material.

I will bring this driftwood timber across Jutland to the east coast, where I will build a fence on the beach of the bay of Aarhus. This fence will symbolically connect the forest of the area with the shoreline and interlink the two coasts of Denmark, and make a connection between man's land-based activities and the sea.

I will leave the gate of the fence open, so that visitors can choose to either walk around the fence or interact with the work and walk through it. An open fence symbolises acceptance, the act of letting people in, free movement, opportunities.