Hannah Streefkerk
Horizons Rencontres Arts Nature 2011 - Massif du Sancy, France


In solitary state the Freydefont-megalith towers above the wide, green territory, and its strong presence in the landscape endows the whole area with an air of mystery and enchantment.
Was it placed there as a territorial marker or was it used by druids performing ancient rites? Was it raised as a reminder of past events - or did it simply grow through the ground, slowly over a course of thousands of years?

In her work, Streefkerk plays with the idea of the megalith as a living and growing organic form, echoing the medieval alchemical idea of growing minerals, as expressed in rock formations' often plant-like appearance in 15th-century Italian landscape painting.

Ten new grey megaliths in various sizes will be placed on the plateau around the menhir as if they too have sprouted through the soil. Protruding on the hill together with their prehistoric brother, they will mediate between the past and present, bridging millennia of history.

At the same time, these evidently man-made monuments will remind the visitors that the original Menhir de Freydefont was also placed on this green plateau by humans - it was brought there and raised by a long-gone civilisation with its own sets of secret, mystical narratives, symbols and rituals.

Following the path around and in between the old and new megaliths, visitors can reflect on life, meditate on the passing of time or simply enjoy the view of the landscape and let their thoughts soar.

 Photo courtesy of Hannah Streefkerk     
 Photo courtesy of Hannah Streefkerk     
 Photo courtesy of Hannah Streefkerk