Application text for project at Oerol Festival 2013, written in cooperation with Maurice Meewisse

For my work at Oerol I would like to create a large scaled construction site on the beach near the water's edge.

The purpose of the site is seemingly to build a large monument, but in actuality the construction site itself will be the monument, with workmen (myself and helpers) continuously working on it during the festival. Using timber as reinforcement I will build a 4 meter high sloping ramp of sand, getting a head start with a digging machine and then switch to manual work with shovels and wheelbarrows during the festival.

The sand ramp will both function as a stage for the continuing performance with men working on making the ramp larger and larger by adding sand to it, and as a viewing point for visitors, who can climb up as well. Having visitors climbing up the ramp will generate more work for the men, who will be 'repairing' any sliding or collapsing of the sand, and as such there will be an interaction between the visitors and the workers.

The work corresponds with the the theme of the festival, Sense of Place, as it gives the visitors a chance to take in their surroundings from a different, elevated point of view - to go on an expedition. At the same time it shows an ongoing altering of the landscape, which adds something new to an already existing place and gives it a new meaning, tells a new story.